It is now widely accepted that training with a power meter can help you achieve peak performance and is superior to heart rate (HR) based workouts, particularly for short, high intensity intervals.

Southside Clinic partners with Elbows Akimbo to offer Group Indoor Power Cycle classes. These classes are designed to leverage this state-of-the-art technology and take your training to a new level by providing a variety of specific, power-based workouts in a comfortable environment without any external interference such as wind and/or traffic. This unique and innovative service means that riders of all levels can now benefit from power-based training in a convenient and affordable manner.

Visit the Elbows Akimbo website for more information on their other services.



You will use your own bike in combination with our watt measuring fluid resistance trainers that are accurate to within +/-2%. Power and cadence data is transmitted wirelessly to one of our iOS devices that attaches to either your stem or handlebar – depending on your preference.

This system has a number of key benefits. Firstly, the ability to use your own bike is not only more convenient from a set-up point of view to “exercise bikes” but it also ensures that you’ll be able to perform at your maximum, in comfort, on your own rig.

Secondly, rather than power being driven by the trainer – like many other power trainers and power exercise bikes – the use of a fluid resistance trainer means that the rider determines power output through gear selection and leg speed. This allows you to train at your full capacity without the limitations of “pre-set” power/resistance levels and provides an experience that more closely resembles being out on the road.



All of our workouts are based on your own personal functional threshold power (FTP) – which allows us to “individualise” your workout. For example, VO2 Max intervals (see below) are done at 106-120% of your FTP, which means that regardless of your fitness, the level of perceived exertion and expected physical adaptation is more or less the same for everybody.

If you don’t know your FTP, don’t worry. We periodically run an FTP test class in place of our standard power classes based on individual and group needs. In addition, classes can be successfully completed using a perceived exertion score as the training level guide rather than power.


We offer a number of classes at different power training levels each with a variety of workout protocols, developed by world leading sports physicians, that are designed to elicit different physiological and performance adaptations.

  • Threshold: Threshold level workouts are meant to focus on your FTP and are done right at FTP. They are strenuous and require a solid recovery between efforts. These are important workouts to perform so that you can continually improve your FTP.
  • VO2 Max: Designed to elicit improvements in your maximal volume of oxygen up-take (VO2max), workouts in this level range from 3 to 8 minutes. VO2max is an important factor in racing as it builds the ability to produce short, race winning periods of high output.
  • Anaerobic Capacity: These workouts are characterised by short, very intense, hard efforts, and they are difficult to do without the use of a power meter. The intensity of efforts is far beyond what can be maintained aerobically. These workouts should be performed when you are relatively “fresh” in your training week.
  • Neuromuscular Power: Super-short, high-intensity efforts usually lasting less than 10 seconds. They place a larger load on the musculoskeletal system than on the metabolic system.

A training plan that incorporates a balance of workouts at different power training levels will work to shift your “power curve” in a positive direction and help you achieve peak performance. Our class scheduling is designed to be able to be integrated into your on-road training and allow you to build a balanced and effective program. For more information about how to best integrate our classes into your training, please contact us.

Passes & Memberships

Passes can be used for Indoor Power Cycle as well as Yoga, Mat Pilates, Circuit Pilates and Xtend Barre (and Xtend variation classes) and are valid at both Southside and Eastside locations. Click here for all pricing options.


Indoor Power Cycle classes are offered at our Southside (Unley) studio only.


Classes are offered at 6.45am on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. View the full timetable here.

What to Bring

In addition to your bike and kit (shoes, bibs/shorts and jersey), you will need to bring at least one towel, two is preferable – one for the front end of the bike and one for you – and some water. If you forget your water, that will also be available to purchase on the day of your class for $1.


As there are only 7 places available in each Indoor Power Cycle class you must reserve your place by booking and paying online before you arrive.

You can do this by clicking on ‘book classes’ tab at the top right corner of this page.

Cancellation Policy

We require 10 hours notice of cancellation of a class, otherwise you will be charged a late cancellation fee (of the valve of that class) and this will be deducted from your package. If you are on an Unlimited VIX Membership, a cancellation fee of $15 will be charged for missed or late cancelled classes.


There is plenty of on-site and street parking at our studio.


Please direct all inquires for our Indoor Power Cycle classes to Anthony Mezzini at Elbows Akimbo on 0427 820 256 or