Xtend Barre Instructor

Anna was first introduced to Xtend Barre sometime in 2014, and has been an enthusiast ever since. Anna grew up loving music and dance, taking ballet as a young girl and playing piano since age 4. Since then, Anna has dabbled in various styles of dance including hip hop and musical theatre, and has continued to be involved in a range of musical pursuits. Never a real exercise lover, the combination of music, dance-inspired exercises and a hard-core workout is what made Anna fall in love with Xtend Barre.

“I absolutely love Xtend Barre! This holistic, safe workout is so fabulously inclusive – ideal for anyone of any age and fitness level. I love the way it can be safely modified to enable people recovering from injuries to still achieve a satisfying work out, and working to improve posture and strength!

When not at the Barre, Anna is a qualified Occupational Therapist, a youth leader, and loves spending time with family and friends.