Originally from Italy, Alberto graduated with a Master Degree in Osteopathy and a Massage Therapist Diploma from the European School of Osteopathy, UK.

During four years spent in the UK he gained experience studying and working in a large clinic, headed by great osteopaths recognised worldwide.

With an extensive background in sport and fitness, Alberto is especially devoted to the practice of those sports that require mental and body control cooperation, such as Parkour, martial arts and functional training. From this followed a genuine interest towards their specific injuries, rehabilitation and training requirements. Clinical applications of functional biomechanics have been the focal point of his training as an osteopath, thanks to which he gained a good understanding of how the body moves and how physical stresses convey to create “dysfunctions” in the individual.

Alberto has focused and specialised in a wide range of structural techniques, from soft-tissue therapies to articulations and manipulations, but he also likes to integrate the treatment with a more functional approach, which includes cranial or visceral Osteopathic techniques, when required.

We anticipate Alberto will be available for appointments Southside Clinic in mid-late March 2017.