Pilates Instructor

Kim started practicing Pilates regularly in 2014 to manage back pain. The results were almost instantaneous, and she hasn’t looked back since. Growing up playing a number of different sports, Kim fell in love with the world of movement and fitness after finishing high school. She has dabbled in various training modalities, having found a keen interest in running, weightlifting, yoga and of course Pilates. Pilates has transformed her understanding of her own body and been a major support for whatever physical endeavours she has pursued.

Kim is also studying Clinical Exercise Physiology at the University of South Australia and has experience in personal training, bringing much of her education and experiences to her teaching. It is her belief that the right type of movement and exercise can heal the body and mind as well as enhance physical performance. Through teaching Pilates, Kim hopes to help people have a positive experience within their own body – managing pain, improving physical ability, developing body awareness and taking responsibility for their health.

Kim has completed both her Cert IV in Pilates and also her Diploma of Clinical Pilates both through Breathe Education.