Xtend Barre Instructor

When Kristy discovered Xtend Barre she immediately knew she had found what she was looking for.

Growing up Kristy was an artistic gymnast until she was told that she was too tall for the sport. She then moved to rhythmic gymnastics where height wasn’t a concern. She loved that this sport included an element of ballet and went on to practise classical ballet alongside her training.

Since retiring from rhythmic gymnastics to focus on her education Kristy has practised yoga. This became her passion as well as running. In 2016 Kristy injured herself and has not been able to run since. Although she was able to continue with her yoga practise she really missed the cardio workout she had previously enjoyed when she ran.

Kristy discovered Xtend Barre following her injury and loved everything about the class. It gave her mind, body and soul everything that she needed and wanted. Kristy loves that in every Xtend Barre class her heart rate rises, all muscles in her body are burning and she knows that her body has been toned and lengthened with a low impact workout.

It was this love that lead Kristy to complete her training to be an Xtend Barre instructor in February 2017. Instructing Xtend Barre compliments Kristy’s life as a mum to Zara and Maxwell and also her work as a Mortgage Broker and business owner.