Our wonderful massage therapist at Southside Clinic is Fiona.

With a decade as a remedial and sports masseur based within multi-disciplinary health clinics and teaching Pilates, Fiona has treated hundreds of clients, helping them to attain their personal goals of pain relief, improved range of motion and improved wellbeing.

Her approachable and engaging style will ensure that you leave with a clear plan for how to get you feeling better, faster. This includes physical therapy, stretching self-care tips and postural advice. 

Her passion for improved posture and core fitness to enhance our increasingly sedentary, digital lifestyle has seen her featured in magazines, newspapers and on channel Ten TV show ‘Totally Wild’. Fiona can also be found leaping about with groups of 20 plus children at her popular ‘Yogalates for Kids’ workshops that she offers for free during school vacations.

Your massage treatment will draw from a wide range of Eastern and Western therapy techniques and may include, where best suited for you:

Pregnancy massage, Sports massage, Cupping, Craniosacral therapy, Myofascial release.

Southside Clinic offers the following massage appointments:

Remedial Massage

Increase your mobility and flexibility, and reduce muscle and joint tension with a remedial massage. Perfect if you have a specific injury such as shoulder pain, headaches, or neck and back ache.

Relaxation Massage

Decrease your stress levels and improve your vitality with a relaxation massage. You are sure to leave feeling refreshed and revived.

Pregnancy Massage

Manage your pregnancy better and work toward less pain, less tension, and an easier labour.

Sports Massage

Keep active with a sports massage and help your body avoid injury and overuse.


Remedial Therapy

Remedial Therapy is offered by Paul McCann.

Paul works alongside our Osteopaths and Physiotherapists to treat a broad range of conditions and clients from elite dancersand athletes, to managing chronic issues and assisting in maintenance programs for clients.

Paul arrives at Southside Clinic with a wealth of experience. Throughout his 25 years in the industry Paul has acquired a broad range of skills, including remedial massage, dry needling, visceral manipulation and myofascial release. Paul is currently enrolled in a Bachelor of Health Science in Myotherapy and nearing completion. His passion for the industry has lead to a variety of experiences including being President and Chair for the Board of Massage & Myotherapy Australia – the largest professional body for this industry in Australia. Paul also lectures for Endeavour College of Natural Health in the Myotherapy Degree program.

Paul is trained in many osteopathy techniques and has studied alongside our clinic owner, Osteopath, Andrea Robertson since 2011. He works in a very similar way to our Osteopaths, and other than no joint manipulations, he does many of the same techniques. Paul’s treatments are covered by Private Health Insurance and claims can be made on the day of treatment at the clinic.