Clinical Pilates

Southside Clinic offers many Clinical Pilates appointment options including the individualised 1:1 Private Sessions and 4:1 Group Clinical Pilates appointments. You can also join us for Mat Pilates and Circuit Pilates classes on the studio equipment. The Mat and Circuit classes are run through our sister business The Barre Clinic. Click here for more information on these classes.


1:1 Private Clinical Pilates

Our fully trained, Clinical Pilates teachers, offer 1:1 appointments and initial Pilates assessments at Southside Clinic. Clinical Pilates is performed on specialised Pilates equipment in a safe and controlled environment. Exercises are tailored to the needs of the individual.

Clinical Pilates clients will be given a postural assessment at their first appointment, and your teacher will design an individual program specific to your needs. The program will be progressive and diverse, giving you a safe framework to advance your Pilates exercises.

Clinical Pilates focuses on the retraining and recruitment of key muscles. Core strength and stability is of high importance to support the low back and assist good posture.

The specialised Pilates equipment offers great diversity of exercises. Springs provide resistance training, unstable surfaces challenge balance and stability, props can put you in a safer and more comfortable position, and the adjustable settings allow all of the exercises to be set up to give you maximum benefit.

It is perfect for people with specific needs: injuries, chronic musculoskeletal conditions, postural imbalances, pre/post natal, dancers, athletes, or anyone who wants a personal program tailored to them.


 4:1 Group Clinical Pilates

Southside Clinic believe that clients get faster and better results from having less people in the group, and we therefore have a maximum of 4 people per group Clinical Pilates session. This provides far more personalised attention from the teacher, who can offer wonderful modifications, progressions, regressions and props to make your Pilates experience perfectly tailored to you.

We promote quality over quantity. We want you to get the absolute most out of your Clinical Pilates session. Our 4:1 approach means you will be given more exercises, work harder, have a specialised program tailored to you, have different fun and diverse exercises every week, and most importantly, get maximum results!

We have the prerequisite that you participate in one 1:1 Clinical Pilates session before you can join the 4:1 classes.


Circuit Pilates & Mat Pilates

We offer Circuit and Mat Pilates classes through our sister business The Barre Clinic.

Click here for more info on our Circuit and Mat Pilates group classes.


If you would like more information on Pilates or if would like to talk to one of our Pilates team members for advice, please phone us on 1300 10 11 22