Peak Performance and Quick Recovery

Regardless of whether you are an elite athlete or a weekend warrior, osteopathic treatment can help enormously with injury prevention as well as treatment of many common sporting injuries such as muscle tears or strains, joint sprains and shin splints.

At Southside Clinic we treat many athletes including footballers, golfers, tennis players, soccer players, triathletes, marathon runners, gym junkies and cross-fitters. We have treated all sorts of problems and injuries such as: corkies, hamstring strains and tears, hip flexor strains, shin splints, calf strains, bursitis and knee ligament strains.

Southside Clinic has a strong connection with the dance industry with director, Andrea Robertson, having previously had a career as a professional dancer. We treat dancers for many problems such as acute ligament strains and muscle tears, as well as more long standing conditions. The pelvic area is a very important area to assess and treat in dancers, as this is where a lot of lower limb mobility if influenced from. if there is a pelvic or sacroiliac joint dysfunction, a dancer can feel this as tightness in the lower back and reduced flexibility in the hamstrings or inner thigh adductor muscles. A visit to the osteopath can often restore full flexibility. We also offer Pre-Pointe Assessments for young dancers wishing to start pointe work for ballet class, as well as Dance Fitness Assessments for any dancer wishing to be assessed for their areas of weakness, and then have a specific exercise program written for them to combat this.

Osteopaths are also trained to assess and diagnose problems which may need referral to a GP, specialist or surgeon. Using a comprehensive range of osteopathic and orthopaedic testing, we can often diagnose possible conditions for referral such as hip labral tears, knee meniscal tears, knee ligament (cruciate and collateral) strains or tears and AC joint dislocation.

Dancers (both past and present) as well as the general public who have never danced before, are LOVING the Xtend Barre classes we offer. Xtend Barre gives you stronger abs and back muscles, improved endurance and overall energy, increased flexibility, greater body awareness and improved posture, and toned arms, sculpted thighs and a lifted derriere!

For the weekend warrior sports people amongst us, we offer Indoor Power Cycle classes, Yoga and Pilates to help you realize your athletic potential!

If you would like more information on Osteopathy, Nutrition, Xtend Barre, Pilates or Yoga, or if you would like to talk to one of our staff for advice, please phone us on 1300 10 11 22.