Long hours in front of a computer? Tired, stressed? Constant tightness and aches in your neck and shoulders? Headaches? At Southside Clinic we may have the answer for you. Our trained Osteopaths are ready and waiting to help the people of Adelaide.

Headaches are common yet complex complaint and can present in many ways. But this doesn’t mean you have to continue to suffer from them. It is important to identify contributing factors and triggers, so that your headaches are a thing of the past. Here are a few examples of some of the more common types of headache.

Cervicogenic – whereby irritation of nerves in your neck can refer to the head, affecting the base of your skull but can refer to the front and sides of your skull also.

Tension – as the name suggests – a result from stress, overwork and poor posture causing sustained tightness in muscles around your jaw and upper neck.

Cluster – caused by a change in pressure of blood vessels in your skull causing pressure on the trigeminal nerve – an important nerve that has both sensory and motor supply to your face. Here you may experience pain behind your eyes.

Any of these sound familiar?

As you can see, there is a strong correlation between tightness or restriction of motion in the muscles and joints of your head, neck and shoulders that can contribute to the onset of headaches. It is important to address these factors and this is where we can help. Book in today and discuss with your Osteopath management strategies in reducing the recurrence of your headaches, including workplace ergonomics, posture, stretches and exercise.