The foods we eat have the ability to alter the amount of inflammation occurring in our body. Many of the musculoskeletal conditions we see here at Southside Clinic have an inflammatory component. Therefore, the foods that enter our bodies can have a substantial effect on the pain & inflammation you feel as part of your condition. By choosing to eat anti-inflammatory foods and avoiding or minimising your intake of foods that can promote inflammation, you can help yourself get back to doing the things you love without aches and pains.

Alkaline & Acid Forming Foods

Foods that we put into our body have the potential to be acid forming or alkaline producing. When we eat too much acid forming food it irritates the inflammatory cycle and can lead to increased pain and prolonged recovery. By selecting the right food to put into your body you can take control of your pain AND significantly improve your general health.

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At the Southside Clinic our goal is to give our patients all the tools and information they need to understand their problems to control their conditions outside of the treatment room. If you wish to make an appointment with myself or the Southside team of Osteopaths, we look forward to helping you on your journey toward a pain free and knowledge empowered life.

By Dr Blair Kelly (Osteopath)

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